Club Rides

Jeeps R US has several rides of varying difficulties throughout the year. These rides may be out of town and can include overnight camping or hotels. These rides are open to members and prospective members alike.

Please review the equipment list below. The Recommended items are ones that we suggest all off-roaders carry, especially when we travel to off-road parks. Some parks require these items anyway, so it is best to be prepared. The Required items are required to ensure that everyone who participates stays safe and legal. Also remember that you must follow the proper trail etiquette during the ride.

Required Vehicle Equipment

  • Valid Driver’s License and Proof of Insurance. We won’t check, but remember that mud covered Jeeps may attract attention of Law Enforcement. Always be polite and prepared.
  • Safety belts (one for each occupant). This is non-negotiable. All individuals must be properly restrained by factory or better equipment (for their own safety) inside any moving vehicle on a club ride.
  • Spare tire, jack, and lug wrench.
  • All vehicles must have a functioning exhaust system for both noise control and fire suppression purposes.
  • Front and Rear tow points. These MUST BE FRAME MOUNTED in one manner or another. The hardware is typically available at any off-road supplier or auto-parts store.

Recommended Vehicle Equipment

  • Fire Extinguisher (1A10BC Dry Chemical) – These are commonly available at any Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, Sam’s, Costco, or other home centers.
  • Citizens band (CB) radio.
  • Tow rope or strap (Note: Straps and ropes with hooks are not acceptable).
  • Basic First Aid Kit. These can commonly be found for $20 or less.

 Trail Difficulty Raitings

Very easy, scenic trail. Mostly flat some pot holes and mud. Any stock vehicle can
travel on it with no problems.
Some obstacles, rocks, ruts, off camber, hills and mud. You can expect to occasionally
hear your undercarriage scrape. Picking your line becomes more crucial, knowing where
to place your tires for maximum traction helps to overcome obstacles. Vehicle modifications
such as larger tires, skid plates and a mild lift are recommended. Although driver skills and
experience will serve you better than vehicle modifications.
Big rocks, deep ruts, extreme hill climbs and deep mud holes. You will hear
scrapes, bangs and rubs. Skid shields are a must as well as minimum of 33 inch
tires and at least one locker. A winch is recommended. A working knowledge
of your vehicle and knowing how to do trail fixes is a must. These trails are not
recommended for those just getting into the sport.
Unless you have a rock buggy forget it!